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The Creative Process – “Ice Feathers”

I was finishing up my day at work and looked out the window and noticed that the ice had formed in an interesting way on my window. It almost looked like feathers to me. So, I grabbed my Razr and snapped a quick pic. That pic is below.

Window With Ice

After taking the pic, I brought it into Adobe Lightroom, cropped the image and pumped up the contrast, saturation, then dropped the temperature a bit and lifted the clarity. I put a bit of a vignette and liked what I was seeing.

Ice Feathers

After this I had the idea of dropping some text on it, so I moved it over to Adobe Photoshop Elements and added some text and effects.

See the finished product below.


Overall, the process took about ten minutes, and it inspires me to watch the windows for other patterns through the winter season to see what else I can come up with…

Hope you’re all having a great day!


New Year’s Day River Ride – Peche Island

A couple of folks out on the water in kayaks in front of Peche Island, ON. This photo was taken the morning of January 1st, 2013. You can see the ice starting to form in the foreground and in the top right corner you can just make out the lighthouse on the island.

River Ride

Sunset Blvd – Hollywood, California

In 2005 I attended a software users conference for Macromedia (now owned by and branded under the name Adobe) in Anaheim, CA. While there I decided that I needed to get out and see some of the sights in the vicinity. A friend and fellow attendee and I decided that it would be cool to see Los Angeles and we found a night tour that showed the city as well as stopping by Hollywood! I was very excited to check out the glitz and glamour that is “Hollywood” and was quite disappointed when we arrived outside of Mann’s Chinese Theatre and were dropped off by our bus tour. The city streets were dirty and there were a bunch of homeless people around the area. It was nothing like what I’d come to see sensationalized on TV. The place definitely clears out and cleans up when there are red carpet affairs, but otherwise, there wasn’t a lot to see other than a very messy, dirty “Walk Of Fame”.

At the corner of Sunset Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd I snapped this picture in front of the Hollywood Entertainment Museum.

Behind The Curtain

As for Sunset Blvd itself – there were lots of clubs and it looked like it would be a crazy place on the weekends, but when I went, it was just not what I was expecting.

Lake Liner – Windsor, Ontario

I took this shot yesterday as the sun started to go down. The clouds and sky gave and interesting backdrop as a lake liner heads from the Detroit River to Lake St. Clair.

Heading Out

Heritage Park – Calgary, Alberta

Ten minutes away from downtown Calgary there is a park where you can step back in time and experience life as it was from the late 1800’s through to the early 1950’s. Heritage Park Historical Village is a great place to learn about the history of the Calgary area and how early settlers came to call it home and started to build the great city that it is today.

While I was living in Calgary, I visited the park twice. Both times I was in awe at how wonderful the park staff were and at the well done exhibitions and learning experiences. A train ride, boat ride, car museum, and midway rides for the kids are just a few of the things to do. This picture was taken on my Motorola Razr during the early morning in August, 2012. I like the color of the buildings as they contrast against the blue sky. The horses were just getting warmed up for the rides that they provide for visitors throughout the day.

A Step Back In Time

If you get a chance to visit, I highly recommend it.

Waterloo Recreation Area – Chelsea, Michigan

When I purchased my first house in 2006, the drive along Waterloo Rd is what sold me. It was Fall and the colors were bold and beautiful. The road bends through the forest and the trees almost seem to guide you to your destination. This photo is from my front yard, looking up at one of the trees as its leaves had turned a bright yellow on a warm October day in 2009.

Falling In Love

Mill Lake Fishing – Chelsea, Michigan

A local fisherman heads out on to Mill Lake on an early Summer morning.

Gone Fishing - Mill Lake Michigan

This was taken as I was out on one of the Waterloo Recreation Area walking trails in June 2010.

Stephen Avenue – Calgary, Alberta

On October 13, 2012 – I participated in the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk with five other photo enthusiasts. It was such a great experience. We ended up choosing the historic Stephen Avenue for our photo walk and this path offered many great subjects to photograph. From the people walking on the street (which is blocked off from cars for most of the stretch) and the fantastic architecture that surrounds you as you walk down the street – this is such a great area.

Stephen Avenue Walk

Add to this – the fact that there are great places for fun, such as Flames Central or The Unicorn and it’s the making for one of my favorite areas in Calgary. Oh – and who could forget the late night trips to McDonald’s for “Cheeseburger Picnics!” after putting in a full shift of beer sampling at Bottlescrew Bill’s. :)

Trashed Piano – Windsor, Ontario

This Grinnell Bros. Ltd. piano was set for trash pickup yesterday morning. I had a strong desire to get a picture of this item. It was almost like it was calling to me to preserve it’s last moments in which it would be appreciated. I’m sure this piano brought smiles and good times to all that enjoyed it.

The Day The Music Died

After doing a bit of research, I was able to find a record (with picture!) of the Grinnell Bros. building in Windsor.

Sugarloaf Lake – Chelsea, Michigan

I took this picture in 2007, shortly after I purchased my first home on Sugarloaf Lake in Chelsea, Michigan. This lake is an all-sports lake and would have folks fishing, tubing and water skiing in the summer and ice fishing, skating and driving cars on the frozen lake in the winter.

Sugarloaf Lake is one of 11 lakes in the Waterloo Recreation Area and has great resources like hiking trails and the Eddy Discovery Center. I was a resident of this area from 2006 – 2011 and enjoyed it greatly.

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